Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sin plays strange tricks

You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. - John 8:32

Self-confidence is dangerous even to the most devout Christian. We are in danger of forgetting that we are nothing, and that Jesus Christ is our all in all. This very day children of godly parents need to be on their guard against the sin of these ancient Jews. How is it that they imagined themselves to be “free,” whilst at the same time Roman soldiers occupied and their city.
Both these errors are common enough. Many people boast more of their “blood” than of anything else. It truly is a great privilege to have good ancestry -- it is good capital (like money in the bank) with which to start in life -- but beyond a certain point it does not count. The first question may be, “Who is your father?” Parents may lead a child to Christ in infancy, but when the child is old enough for moral accountability they must accept Christ by a personal faith. Nothing else really lends itself for salvation. We must enter Christ's kingdom as individuals. Abraham had some descendants who were far enough away from his virtue, and whom he would scarcely wish to recognize as his children. Sadly, many godly parents today have worthless son and daughters.

Then the illusion of freedom, while one is really in chains, is not altogether rare. Many people living in sin imagine they are the only free people there are. They have thrown off the restraints of religion and of law, and they think they are free, while they regard those who follow Christ as slaves. Sin plays strange tricks with men. Insane people sometimes imagine themselves to be great people. The devil often puts similar notions into the heads of his deluded followers. None are free but those who take upon themselves to walk as Christ walked.

Apply This To Your Life Today... Have you deluded yourself? Are you living a life of compromise and merely pretending to be free?

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