Friday, July 11, 2014

The Father says

The Father says today tap into the composure afforded you in Christ. The real you is never stressed out or extended beyond your measure. The real you is at one with Me. The real you is seated with Christ in heavenly places. The real you cannot be discouraged, defeated, dismayed or frightened in any way. I am THE rock therefore you are a rock. I am immovable therefore you are immovable. I am with you says the Father, fear not neither be dismayed.

Put on the FULLNESS of CHRIST today. Say within your heart "I shall ascend in worship and descend in warfare." Open your heart, spread the wings of your spirit and wend you way to the throne. The entitlements of the cross await you. The signet ring of My authority is available. The robe of righteousness. The staff of My strength. All hell trembles at the thought of one believer possessing their possession and walking in all that heaven affords. Be THAT believer this day says the Father. Accept My favor and know it as that which the blood that was shed affords you in this life. 

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